Happy 25th of July!

Looks like the 4th will be delayed this year. The “largest fireworks display in the state” kind of fizzled Saturday. We took the dogs and a blanket (totally forgetting those new folding chairs we bought for camping…) and went to a local mall. We used to be able to see the show from our front lawn but there is now a duplex in the line of site. So we parked behind a store at the mall and made ourselves comfortable on the lawn. The rain had let up for the evening, it was pleasantly sweater-cool, surprisingly uncrowded–perfect!

The show did get started with some fireworks. A group of kids sat in a row on a low wall, all chanting “Oooh!” in unison. The dogs had finally settled down. Idyllic!

The fun lasted all of 10 minutes then the fireworks stopped. We could see other fireworks in surrounding towns, off in the distance. They kept going. And this had happened last year–where the show suddenly stopped, then just as you thought that was the end, started up again. So we waited. And waited. Everyone else cleared out and we reluctantly left. Almost lost Ralphie when he took off after Something! I’m not a lightweight, but I’m no match for 110 pounds of determination, and I only slowed him down enough so that he spun and pulled out of his collar. Rick and Malia ran after him and I followed, both of us shouting “Ralphie!” Fortunately he stopped – no harm done. “Good doggie!”

The fireworks event (or lack thereof) made the local news. Turns out something had gone wrong with an electrical system, causing problems with not only the fireworks but a big concert scheduled for that night. Good thing we didn’t pay to watch! The event was rescheduled for July 25. On the way home we passed the flood of cars heading home from the event. They will all get into the July 25th show, as will we. I already reserved our lawn seats!

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