Newsflash–You AREN’T Always Right!

Whoever said that “the customer is always right” needs to rethink that rule. I believe customers are always entitled to speak their minds–NICELY. And I believe customer service reps are always supposed to listen and respond respectfully. (I have been told I inhabit a dream world…)

Forgive me if I vent. Today has been a day of too many decibels.  I often want to tell these people that screaming at me and calling me names Isn’t the way to get what they want.  Volume doesn’t make you right–it just makes you loud. Truth can be told in a whisper.

I only  hope such tirades makes the screamer feel better–perhaps they won’t yell at their family or take it out on their fellow drivers later.

The same goes for sad stories. I only have so many options. It doesn’t matter if you have just been burglarized, had your car break down, or are on the kidney transplant list–I still only have the same options. So–please! Don’t feel compelled to share your personal dramas with me!

So I leave you with one last thought–kind of a modification of the Golden Rule. Next time you are tempted to scream or swear or rant and rave at someone,  stop. Take a breath. Picture how you would want to be treated and talked to.  Then–go ahead. Give us a call. We would love to be able to help you!

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