DISCLAIMER: Politics Confuse Me

DISCLAIMER: Politics confuse me.

That being said, I am still pondering over the mail-in primary ballot I received yesterday.

“Rick!”, I said, “there is only ONE choice in each category! No one is running against Hickenlooper?? Please–tell me someone is running against Hickenlooper!!”

Rick tried to explain–I am registered Democrat (a fact which has Nothing to do with politics and Everything to do with the fact that it is easy to remember because “Dee” and “Democrat” both start with the same letter. Don’t judge me)

My ballot, Rick explained, only had the Democratic candidates because, like the presidential primary (and “The Highlander”) there “can be only one.” So my ballot was for purposes of selecting my Democratic choices.

Now I may not know politics, or even higher math, but this was a ballot with only one choice in each category. Some categories, like County Coroner had NO names. Which sent my mind down a new path of worry!

Again Rick tried to explain–this was just the primary, the selection of who we would have to choose from in the real election. It still was making no sense to me. “But…but…..there’s only one choice,” I repeated. “That isn’t choosing–it’s a coloring contest!”

I ranted on. “What if I don’t want the one choice? I don’t see a space for comments or write -in votes. What if I want a Republican? You can’t write ‘choose one’ and then put just one choice!

Rick assured me again, there would be more than one choice when it came to the real election. “That’s just how Democrats are,” he explained. “They send one candidate and the Republicans send like 10 and they all make hateful comments about their opponents and fight over who gets that one slot on the election ballot.” Before I could ask he added, “I don’t know why that is, it’s just something I have observed over the years.”

This discussion could have gone on for a while–I have a suspicion that politics are not grounded in sense or logic. Fortunately, my husband is a registered Republican (because that’s what his parents were. Yes, neither one of us pays much attention to politics. Again–don’t judge, please). And he also received a ballot. So, with his permission, I opened his envelope.

He was right! His ballot contained only Republican candidates’ names. And his actually had choices! There were some categories that just had one name (I was relieved to see that there was a contender for County Coroner!), but many of the other offices had two or more names (it’s just a state election; otherwise I am sure there would have been a better turnout of candidates).

So–that question is answered for now. But I still don’t know–are write-ins allowed?


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