Instead of Saying “O.M.G.”, say “T.G.”

Well, it is monsoon season after all. And it is more likely to occur in the afternoons. And, okay, there were those dark clouds on the horizon. And we were tempting fate by taking that winding, road up the side of the mountain to visit Jerome, AZ. But, gosh darn it, that was No reason to Pour right then! The scary jags of lightning were just overkill. Really. The wind scared me enough!

Fortunately (I guess), I was sitting in the car with our chihuahua Jack, since my knee was on Fire (ok, not literally, it just Hurt like hell) so we stayed safe and dry. And Rick, who had been roaming the streets of Jerome to snap pictures, was able to duck into a shop until the worst passed. And it was a sweet shop. So he got us the most delicious caramel kettle corn.

And then, when the storm was ended (enough to see again), we got the most wonderful view coming back down the mountain–the valley and distant mountains bathed in sunlight that gave hope to the gray clouds and drizzle we still drove through.

So rather than being depressed about my knee, or angry at the storm that cut our sight-seeing short, I found a silver lining. There always is one, you know. Good that comes from what seems like bad. If my knee hadn’t hurt I may have been outside the car. And the dog and I would both have gotten drenched. Maybe even gotten hit by the lightning that danced all around us. And if it weren’t for the rain, we might not have been so delighted by the sun.

It happens that way sometimes. Most of the time, I think. It’s all about contrast. So, maybe, next time something bad or sad or frustrating happens, instead of saying “O.M.G!”, say…”T.G.”

Thanks God…I’m looking forward to the rainbow.


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