Interview with the Author

Donna Wylie is a life-long writer and the co-owner of ChiWow Media, a company devoted to all means of communication.  Here are her thoughts on being a writer:

“Words matter. It’s as simple as that. From the moment we draw breath on this earth, we struggle to express ourselves. The form may be different, but the goal is the same; we long to be heard. Whether we paint, or sing, dance or write, we each have a chosen method of communication. My method is words. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think in rhyme. Sorry – I wasn’t trying to be funny with that statement, but it does illustrate my point.

“People always tell me they ‘couldn’t do what I do’. They say they don’t have my talent for words. And I say, well I can’t carry a tune; but I still enjoy singing! You don’t have to be an expert to express yourself.  You know that quote about ‘dance like no one is watching’? That’s what I tell people about writing! Write like no one is judging you. Write like a child learning to speak – for the sheer joy of creating meaning from the jumble of thoughts in your head.

I would love to teach everyone to write poetry. Not in the way you are probably thinking. Remember English class in high school? Having to write poetry as an assignment? Iambic pentameter and A-B, A-B

rhyme and all that nonsense? Didn’t you hate that? I know I did! That’s right – me, a self-proclaimed, life-long poet Hated poetry assignments in school! Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t.

Poetry is the outward expression of our innermost heart and soul. Untamed feelings, running wild, whether the words rhyme or not. There are no rules to feelings, no neat orderly parameters. That’s absurd! Try telling a child who is having a tantrum to speak his thoughts clearly.  It won’t happen! Well, poetry is your heart’s tantrum. It’ your guts spilling out on paper. Its raw emotion. And emotions have no right or wrong; they just are. That’s why I never criticize anyone else’s poetry. I treat each poem for what it is – a gift, a rare glimpse into the private thoughts we dare not speak. I tell everyone – your words are safe with me.

So, what’s the one message I hope people come away with from talking to me, or reading my words?  It’s that we are more alike than we are different. We all have hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations. Speak the words in your heart. Communicate. Like most everything, I find it easiest to sum things up in rhyme:

The hope, the love, the remedy

Is in our hearts

Reach out with me.





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