“Familiarity Breeds Content”

Throwback Thursday – 3 weeks ago this evening, I was settling in for an unexpected overnight stay at the hospital. When Rick and I left, I didn’t know I’d be admitted, so I didn’t tell Jack I’d be gone long. I told him the usual as we put him in his kennel, “I’ll be back in a little while, Boo-Boo”, (my pet name for him) “be a good boy.”

Well, as you already know, if you follow us on Facebook, I ended up being admitted. When Rick got home that night and let Jack out of the kennel, Jack went running to the door to see me. Rick told him I wouldn’t be home that evening. Jack began to bark at him. He thought I was still in the car! That happens a lot, where we return from errands where no dogs are allowed, grab Jack, and go back out to give him a little ride. Rick will run in and drop groceries or whatever, while I wait in the car (to save my old knees a trip up the stairs)

So Jack went to the door, fully expecting to be taken to the car, to see me and go on a ride. When Rick didn’t comply, Jack got mad! He began a high -pitched, frantic barking, the volume rising with each woof. Rick tried to explain, and calm him, but Jack’s barks just got more frantic. Finally, Rick had to take Jack out to the car. He showed him I wasn’t there, but Jack wasn’t convinced until Rick opened the car and let him look for himself.

Finally convinced, Jack spent most of that night, and the next two days, staring out the window until I was safely home once more. It was a trauma for us all! As an English teacher once stated, familiarity breeds Content. 

The story, of course, has a happy ending. My hospital stay was brief, the issue less serious than we thought (though still traumatic), and life is back to our comforting routine. As Dorothy discovered in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home!”


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