Get Off Your [Noun] and Write!

It dawned on me, that I haven’t written in quite some time. I get busy with emails and social media updates and somehow the day is done before I even get a chance to think about writing. So my writing brain is rusty. I sit here, staring at a blank screen, my fingers poised over the keys. Waiting. Waiting for inspiration to strike, for words that are important enough to read.

It reminds me of an English class I took in college one summer. We did free writing at the beginning of each class, any topic we chose. The essays weren’t for grading or even sharing; it was just a way to get our creative juices flowing. One day, a classmate complained that he couldn’t think of anything to write about. A number of us, who had been thinking the same thing, listened to the conversation with interest.  The teacher had a ready answer – “Can’t think of anything to write about? Then write about that!” We all laughed. I spent the next 20 minutes writing about that very topic.

What the teacher already knew, what I discovered that day and remember to this day, is that the very act of writing is creative. Putting fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper, is a physical act that unleashes mental activity. It doesn’t matter what you write about to begin with. The words will come if you only start the mental engine. Much like the cars of yesteryear, sometimes a little cranking is necessary to get that engine going.

So write. Just – write! List your blessings, your frustrations, your fears or your dreams. Let the words flow. And don’t give me the excuse that you aren’t a writer. We are all writers. We all have words in our head. I learned that from Dr. Seuss, I think, and while the rhyme made me smile, the reasoning was sound. It’s not about spelling or grammar or correct sentence structure. “Write” is a verb. We can all write. All it takes is action. So get off your [noun] and just do it!

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