Is Anybody There? Please Clap if You Hear Me

It costs nothing, to click “Like” or “thumbs up”. Yet so few people do it. I don’t understand. I see so many YouTube videos, where the views number in the tens of thousands, or even over a million, and yet the “thumbs up” are a fraction of that number. Why? The “thumbs down” are a smaller number, so it can’t be that the majority of the people hated it.

It takes a fraction of a second to click like, yet so few people do that. I see it on my Facebook author page, where I post poetry I have written. The views are always higher than the reactions. Unlike YouTube, readers have a wider range of responses they can click, everything from “Like” to “Love” to “Hate”. Yet so many just view.

I know my poetry is popular, judging from the number of views. What I don’t know – what I yearn to know – is whether my words touched anyone. Only a handful of people click an emotion, a few of my loyal fans will comment. But the majority are silent. And it makes me wonder. Have we become so disconnected that we no longer see the person behind the post?

I usually “like” or “love” posts and comments on Facebook so my friends know I saw them. It’s my way of signing a virtual guest book, to let them know I was there, that I read what they wrote. If someone posts something I disagree with, or dislike, I generally don’t do anything. I scroll past, ever mindful of the words of my mother – “if you can’t say something nice…”

So when people don’t respond to my articles or posts or videos, I start thinking – do they hate what I wrote? And, since what I write comes from so deep inside – do they hate Me? All my doubts and fears come to the surface. I start to feel invisible, unseen. Unappreciated.

I don’t write for the glory. If that were my sole ambition, I would have quit long ago. I write because I must, because it’s how I communicate. But I also write to connect – to reach out to others who may feel the way I do; to touch other lonely hearts and let them know – I am here. I care.

My motivation for writing has always been to help. And when you click that “like” or give a “thumbs up”, it’s like applause for my soul. It says “I saw you. I heard you. Thank you.” We all need that acknowledgement.

So next time you read something, or watch a video – take that extra split-second to click a thank you for the person who shared their soul.

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