Social Media is Eating Your Brain

Social Media is eating our brains. It’s happening so slowly and insidiously that virtually no one has noticed.

Look at that opening paragraph again and imagine you just saw that on Facebook. What would you do? Maybe you would click one of the handy emojis – “like” or “LOL”. Maybe you would add a comment – perhaps one of the suggestions Facebook so thoughtfully provides, like “100%” or a cute little drawing.

Many would simply laugh or shake their heads and scroll on by, to the next post – maybe something more interesting like what kind of animal or flower your friend is. Go ahead, it suggests, find out what kind of animal You are, or what your birth month says about you.

I never use Facebook’s provided responses because I’m just contrary. I hate when people put words in my mouth, or assign meaning without even knowing me.  I’m sure there’s a link I could click on to show me How contrary I am; I would just need to provide a few details about myself so that can be determined in seconds.

Am I the only one who sees how dangerously mindless social media has become?

We no longer have to think. When we read any post, Facebook is ready with a handy response. Even posts about tragedies have an appropriate emoji comment that you can just click and go.

I’m Not saying you shouldn’t use social media. I use it daily and probably always will. As an author, I want my name and thoughts to be out there for my current and future readers. But I want them to be My thoughts, not the suggested response of some impersonal mega-company whose sole goal is to make more money by encouraging it’s customers to stop thinking and just do what they are told.

Social media is eating our brains. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself. Next time you scroll through Facebook, take note of what happens when you click to leave a comment.

When I worked with young children, one of the things we were always telling them was “use your words.” So that is the phrase I will leave you with today.

Imagine a post on Facebook that simply said “Use Your Words”. What would be your response? Maybe I’ll try it and see…

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