Choose Kind

This year is starting out like the old one began – full of speculation about the virus, full of fear about interacting with other humans and – sadly – seemingly full of anger. People drive angrily and without regard for others. They shove and push and cut in line. They trample other people’s feelings with casual disregard. When did we become a nation of haters?

There is still kindness to be found. The other day I watched two men, total strangers, help an elderly woman. She had parked her golf cart on the sidewalk at the grocery store and couldn’t seem to get back on the pavement to go home. She backed up, aided by the 2 men who pushed the heavy cart in reverse. Then she pulled forward, trying to maneuver around a post. She made the turn but when she pulled forward, she hit a sign post. She stopped, sitting in her cart helplessly while the men considered the options. One man traded places with her, waiting as she stepped gingerly from the cart with the aid of a walker. Then the man backed up, turning the cart to drive forward over the curb. He inched forward, carefully easing the wheels down and onto the pavement. Then he straightened out the cart and helped the woman into the driver’s seat.

The woman drove off and the two men proceeded into the grocery store. I assume she told them thanks before she left. I hope so anyway. I wanted to tell them thanks, but I was in a car in the parking lot and my old knees aren’t up to rapid movement. I sent the men mental hugs and thanks and a prayer that their kindness would be returned to them tenfold.

To all kind people everywhere – thank you! We see you and appreciate what you do. Keep putting kindness in the world. As I wrote years ago:

“Hating is easy. Take the rocky road. Love, forgive, care, believe. Believe even when there is no reason or proof. Give without fanfare or expectations. These are the goals I reach for daily. I can’t change the world, but I can brighten my corner of it. If everyone tried to be the best we could be, think of all we could accomplish”

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