Camping Ain’t for Sissies!

So we made it–our first tent camping experience in over 10 years! I was a bit worried–I am Not an “outdoorsy” type, and neither is Rick. But it worked out fine. Better than fine in fact–It was Glorious!

We couldn’t have picked 2 better days. The monsoonal rains stopped and the skies were that blue seen only in Colorado. We set up camp without incident (other than having to untangle the dogs tie-out chains frequently), and settled in for a 2-night stay. We were glad we had decided to get a bigger tent.

Bigger tent, more work, but worth it!

The campground wasn’t crowded, since we had chosen to stay a Tuesday and Wednesday night. During the day, we drove the surrounding area, checking out another (tent only, slightly more primitive) campground nearby. We also toured our campground, checking other sites for future use. We decided we had chosen a perfect spot! This campground’s website had the advantage of being able to see photos of every site–great idea!

At night, we toasted hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire and agreed that food tastes best when done that way! We even tried “Hobo popcorn”–where you put a little oil and popcorn on a foil square, fold it into a loose bundle, then  hold it over the fire until it pops.  The result was more fun than food but that was okay by us!

We had brought a portable DVD player along and had movie night–just like home! We could hear elk bugeling, and the howl of coyotes  nearby but no actual sitings. There was a communal trash bin with a “bear bar” across the lid, and we carefully locked away any food in our car at night. But the only wild creatures we saw were ground squirrels, who seemed to take great pleasure in darting across in front of the dogs, just out of reach of their tie-outs.

We came home sore and tired but also happy, relaxed, and already planning our next trip!

Milly says the cot is Hers!

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