Form Letter Fail

Form letters are getting less sympathetic…

“We are disappointed to hear of your recent purchase of our Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.”

They’re sorry that I purchased their product??  Hmmmm….

Customer service seems to be going downhill everywhere. When Rick goes through the self check at Safeway there’s always a group of cashiers, chatting and blocking one of the registers. Are we also expected to act as a store manager or head cashier and tell them to get to work? (I’m So tempted…).

Then, Rick went to the in-store bank to get change for a $50. He asked for 40 singles and two 5s. The teller just handed him a wad of cash. So he stood there and counted it. Didn’t the teller used to do that?!

He also had to explain Several times, to the gal “working” at self check, that he made a mistake and rang two celery packs when he only bought one. He had to tell her he needed one removed. Took a couple tries before she got the idea…

Where were all these “don’t give a [insert poop emoji]” jobs when I was working customer service?!

(Rant over)

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