Fickle Fun is Fine!

I used to think being called “fickle” was a bad thing. I thought it meant undependable, unreliable, untrustworthy and a whole host of other “un’s”. After all, the definition of fickle is “changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.” So it’s pretty easy to take that in a negative way. The dictionary doesn’t pass judgement, it just defines. We are the ones who decided “fickle” is a bad thing to be.

But changing frequently? That’s pretty necessary, in my opinion. Life doesn’t stand still, why should we? Certainly, everyone wants to think some things last forever. The whole “till death do us part” portion of marriage vows certainly assumes eternal love. And “BFF” means friends are forever. Right?

The reality is, well…reality is fluid. Things just aren’t as certain as we’d like. People change, betray us, or simply drift away on their own path. We develop different interests, crave new experiences. It’s human nature. A wonderful part! If we didn’t change and grow and seek new adventures, we’d all still be sitting in a cave plotting our next mammoth hunt.

So – embrace fickle! Be the delightful, fun, adventure-seeking individual you are! Taste new foods, try new skills. Nowhere does it say that you must master every skill or be the best at everything you try.

In our life together, Rick and I have done everything from raising alpacas to running a computer store. As a writer, I have tried my hand at everything from self help to fiction. While poetry has always been my foundation, I also enjoy writing essays and jokes. As creative people we have tried everything from knitting hats to painting pictures. We have also done photography, and poetry art.

In high school art classes, we were taught everything from pencil and charcoal to clay and papier mache, to watercolor and oils. The teacher understood that, to have an appreciation for and a desire to create art, you had to experience a number of mediums. They knew not everyone was a Picasso and that was okay. What the teacher strove to show us was the sheer joy of creating.

Hand a young child a bunch of random items and tell them to create something – and they will! They will just start assembling and gluing with joyful abandon. I learned this lesson when I taught a group of children about bugs. I explained the parts of bugs, showing them simple drawings. Then I gave them a simple instruction – “make your own bug”. The children needed no further instruction. They grabbed sequins and glitter and buttons and glue and began embellishing paper tubes and egg cartons with an enthusiasm that was wonderful to watch. None of the bugs looked like my illustrations of course, but that was okay. Each finished piece was a reflection of the amazing, imaginative mind of a child. There may have been glitter in surprising places for days, but that was okay. Creativity, like life, is messy. Wonderfully, delightfully messy. As it should be.

So the message in all of this is – embrace your fantastic, beautiful, Perfect fickle self! Have Fun! Try new things. Understand that you don’t need to achieve perfection. The joy is in the creation.  The triumph is in the trying. So grab that glitter and Sparkle, you amazing person!


You are welcome to join us on our Fickle Fun journey. Stop by our Facebook page, where we will post our adventures.

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